It’s a right choice, increase the growth of your business with ISO 9001. Especially for you micro, small, and medium enterprises.

VIE provide ERP (Enterprises Resource Planning) for SMEs and Large Enterprise in Indonesia. VIE is the ERP solution, is ease to use a very protected system for traceability, notified, and transparency, where the system administrator cannot read the data. With Vie, the business will experience the improvement of quality management with verified ISO 3001 . Vie is a solution for improving SMEs to scale up becoming a large enterprises with collaboration spirit through blockchain. High integrated create a sharing economy for sustainable business.



be equipped with high security system with notified, usage tracking, and protected


capable to be easily modified and adaptive in any platform


provide application program interface (API) for seting a routines, protocols, and tools for building software application be more interactive


VIE supported PureHeart #HarmonyInDiversity

The cause of people living in poverty is the lack of motivation in the independence of making a business, especially this is experienced by housewives. Through Pureheart, vie has been helping to empower women in sustaining the family economy by preparing to be micro and small enterprises.


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